Rick Martin

I started woodworking when I was a kid in my dad’s boat shop, back in the days when most boats were still wood. The smell of pine can still transport me back to the time of making boat models. After college & Peace Corps [Iran] & teaching & a flirtation with the idea of going to architecture school, I finally settled on woodworking & furniture making.
Three decades later the mix of a right life has come to include bicycling, but at the middle of it is still woodworking.
The sweet curves of a wooden boat hull are still what I often see in the work of my own that I like the best, but sometimes it is an assemblage of straight pieces arranged in a pattern that seems repetitive & rhythmical that lets me think that I have done my job well.
The curve can be suggested, & the curve -indeed the whole piece -is often best stopped before it is completed. The viewer should sometimes do the rest-just enough is just enough!