Regina Atwood

The love for art has always been in my heart. As a child, I admired the skill and creativity of my artist brother. Since raising my family and retiring, I have become serious and passionate about my art. My painting mediums include watercolor, oil and acrylic.

I paint six months of the year en plein air (outdoors). I love nature and look forward to the adventure of packing my equipment for a morning or full day of painting.

Landscape vistas and seascapes are often serenely beautiful while the cityscapes are full of life and motion yielding exciting compositions.
I paint in my studio from sketches and photographs. Outdoor experiences encourage the color and light play in my work.

I have had many great instructors on this journey. Workshops are inspiring and motivating and very much important to my growth. I enjoy being around other artists as it is helpful to learn from one another.

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