Molly Gorman Dumas

Molly Gorman Dumas grew up in Flint, Michigan during the civil rights movements. She studied art at Elmhurst College under renown Chicago muralist/print maker John Pittman Weber and imagist Sandra Jorgensen. Her Linoleum relief blocks are hand-carved, and her limited edition prints using oil-based printers ink are hand pulled. She prefers the rough-hewn lines that contour figures and mimic the forces of nature, reducing images, reducing images to stark black and white. She finds the process of carving negative space as important as the final reverse image imprinted. Her early works were largely influenced by Utah’s red-rock country.
While employed at a Catholic humanitarian organization, the artist was particularly moved by the history and service of patron saints to those in poverty. Like the saint series, her depictions of various Greek gods are implied by symbolism. Such legends of social justice are often distorted abstractions of the characters depicted, while the present day displaced persons are represented with greater realism.
The artist currently resides on and is influenced by the craggy Oregon coast.

One in the Same ~ 40 x 18 x 6 ~ Totem Shriver ~ #115

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