Katy McFadden

My principal interest outside the studio is the search for ideas to be used in the formation of new sculpture. I look to Nature to understand pattern, scale, color and light. I enjoy hiking, backpacking to remote areas, kayaking and swimming.

My academic studies focused on philosophy. I discovered ceramics because of a need to fill degree requirements. I stayed at the university, taking only clay courses. I decided to work in clay, and with lots of help, built a studio. For many years afterwards I sought teachers to show me what I needed for continued growth in my art. As my own interests widened, I sought information and direction from travel and first hand experience through direct viewing of sculpture and painting.

This type of education for me has been inspirational. I know the large reclining figures come from studying Mexican sculpture and receiving a private grant to travel to Oaxaca. The Tibetan series of smaller sculptures came from my travel to the far East. In these sculptures I sought simplicity of form with an attitude of strength and stillness.

I believe the strength of my work is grounded in a willingness to take risks, i.e., emotionally and physically, in order to explore ideas and the limits of the materials with which I work. Most sculpture making is physical and demands long term endurance and attention to detail – my career speaks for my love of form and knowledge of process.

One in the Same ~ 40 x 18 x 6 ~ Totem Shriver ~ #115

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