Karen Leffler

Karen Leffler discovered a passion for watercolor in 2008 when a friend invited her to “tag along” on a plein aire outing at Lake Tahoe in California. Being an outdoor enthusiast, Karen was thrilled at the idea of being outside and inspired by a group of watercolor artists. Little did she know that paper and brush would be put in her hands with the direction “Of course, if you are with us, you must paint”! Karen’s reply was “OH NO – I don’t paint! I am a quilter, not a painter!” A watercolorist was born that day unleashing a passion and a talent that Karen had no idea existed.

Karen has since immersed herself in classes, workshops, and plein aire to learn, practice and create her own style of watercolor. “I am like a sponge wanting to absorb everything I can. For me watercolor is my way of letting go of an outcome. So much of what I have done in my life has been focused on an outcome that I could clearly see at the beginning and worked to achieve. Watercolor, however, is an adventure in allowing the water to do the work (instead of me!) creating many wonderful surprises.”

Another surprise for Karen was moving to Oregon in 2021! She fell in love with the coastal beaches, mesmerizing sunsets and hikes through magical forests. “I feel truly blessed to live on the Oregon coast where I have endless inspiration.”

Karen considers herself “Rewired” rather than retired! Her hope is that her paintings will bring back wonderful memories of your time along the Oregon Coast! Enjoy!

One in the Same ~ 40 x 18 x 6 ~ Totem Shriver ~ #115

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