Goro Sagawa

Goro Sagawa was born in Tokyo, Japan. He graduated from Nihon University, with a major in Art emphasizing Visual Communication. His professional career was a graphic designer for an International Cosmetic Company.

After retirement, Goro moved to the Coachella Valley where he restarted his passion for art. His Sumi Art comes from his experience with Japanese Calligraphy. In collabration, his experience with graphic art and Sumi art, allow him to create simple original art. Goro’s inspiration for his ceramic pieces comes from the old Japanese artist “Rosanjin”. Goro emphasizes Japanese “Wabi-Sabi” in his ceramic art. This “Wabi-Sabi” represents art and nature, including flowers, trees, wind and birds. It is called in Japanese / KA (flower), CHO (butterfly and bird), FU (wind), GETS (moon). These are all elements in any traditional art. Goro creates many of his ceramic pieces for his delicious hobby, cooking.

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