Gail Alger

I am a water media artist spending winters in the beautiful red rock country of
southern Utah and summers on the Oregon coast. I was born in Hawaii and
raised in the Samoan islands where I spent my childhood hiking through tropical
jungles, swimming in the ocean, and exploring nature. Art and crafts have
always been a part of my life and I have experimented with many art forms over
the years. After retiring from teaching in 2008 I signed up for a watercolor class
and was immediately hooked. I have taken numerous workshops from well
known local and national artists and participated in shows ,exhibitions, and
galleries in Utah, Hawaii, Oregon, and the WFWS. As a watercolor artist my
primary focus was realistic bold and colorful plants and flowers with a strong
emphasis on detail, value contrast, light and shadow. I continue to expand and
develop as an artist by taking classes, experimenting with new methods and
techniques, and of course spending hours and hours in my studio practicing
with my two four legged assistants by my side. in 2007 I began experimenting
with acrylics and eventually left watercolor behind. It has been quite a challenge
learning how this medium works but I love the brilliant colors and permanence
of the paint. Painting is a necessity for me. It is therapeutic, rewarding, and a
welcome escape from a busy, noisy world. Even after a frustrating day in the
studio I go to sleep dreaming of my next artistic adventure. painting and creating
is happiness.

One in the Same ~ 40 x 18 x 6 ~ Totem Shriver ~ #115

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