Gail Alger

Gail was born in Hawaii and raised in the Samoan Islands where she spent her childhood hiking through the tropical forests and swimming in the ocean. Arts and crafts have always been a part of Gail’s life. Over the years she has explored many art forms from woodworking to soft sculptor. After retiring from teaching in 2007 she became serious about painting. During that period Gail entered many shows, won awards and got her work out there. Eventually her work was accepted into a few galleries in Hawaii and Utah. Gail’s watercolor painting consisted mostly of realistic bright bold florals, cactus and succulents with a strong emphasis on light, shadow and value contrast. After many years of painting in a very tight realistic style Gail decided to transition into acrylics searching for even more vivid color and working towards a more simplistic style. Her work is bright and bold and moving towards impressionism. Gail splits her time between the red rock country of southern Utah and dramatic Oregon Coast with occasional trips back to Hawaii to visit family and smell the flowers.

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