Cindy Lewis & Mark Holland

Cindy and the late Mark had been leading a very unique lifestyle since 1978. They have been traveling North America studying the many species of birds and flowers. Being entirely mobile in their workshop/studio enables them to work in the field. Cindy learned the art of carving from Mark who was entirely self-taught and began in 1959. Together they have over 70 years of experience. Working as a team, each piece is an original and displays their unique style of subtle texturing and intricate oil painting to “fool the eye of the beholder”. They have been featured sculptors at a number of invitation only exhibits, in 2005 at the 35th anniversary of the Waterfowl Festival as the Master Carvers, Easton, MD; the 2002 25th anniversary of the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, Charleston, SC; the 2000 Plantation. Their works appear in collections throughout the world. Sporting Classics, Wildlife Art and Wildfowl Carving and Collecting plus other publications of the US and abroad have contained articles on Lewis and Holland. They were pleased to have their work presented to artists Carl Brenders, the late Simon Combes, Bev Doolittle and Terry Isaac.

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