Scot Heininge

The Maze ~ Scot Heininge ~ Wood ~ #11

Scot Heininge is an amazing wood carver, who has been a second generation Custom Home Builder his entire life. He began his love of wood carving two decades ago, with his second carving project being a 22 foot totem pole, which is erected against his home.
Scot’s carvings have evolved throughout his career. His medium is usually cedar, which he has logged from his own wooded acreage in Aurora, Oregon. Several projects have included inlays of other woods and even stone. Scot began his love of carving by research and travel of Haida Indian tribal art. His projects in that style have included totems, headboards, and furniture. Some of his works have also been Mayan in nature.

He has works including carvings with bases and also wall hangings. Scot has created fine furniture, including coffee and side tables, dining tables, and headboards. He has carved commissioned projects, but really enjoys the freedom of having the wood speak to him as an artist. Scot feels that each piece of wood is a work of art on its own, even before the carving begins