Mitch Freifeld

I paint cityscapes, mostly Portland. My interest is in everyday places & paths that make up the fabric of our daily lives. Not the overtly dramatic but the routine & ordinary that become lost to our curiosity through sheer familiarity. I try to take these places & paths & depict them in such a way that they might stir ones interest again; where we might pause & wonder about them again, maybe even lose ourselves in contemplation about what might have been or what has taken place or what’s happening right now.

I employ a simple light, that can bounce around between surfaces, collect where it wants to or fade & disburse where it wants to. I try not to follow physical ways of light. It’s more fun to change it & keep it interesting. The same goes for perspective. Night city scenes, especially in the rain, are interesting because they invite high drama. At night there are light sources coming from all directions, going all directions. Light at night really has no rules.

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