M. Haviland

In his over 20 years in sales and design in America’s top fashion stores, Haviland learned a lot about people. What they like. What makes them feel good. How they want to express themselves. Mark’s insights inform his jewelry creations, which are as individual and unique as those who collect it.

An art collector himself, Haviland has a special eye for color and form, his designs embrace the elegant to the whimsical. Statement pieces are his signature. He creates from a wealth of the finest materials, much of it vintage, gathered over a period of years and integrated into singular works of the designer’s art and vision. No two are alike.

Haviland has a cross-country following and has had several commissions. He has been asked to submit work for charitable auctions, including the American Cancer Society Ball in Portland.

The Washington artist received a diploma from the Gemological Institute of America.

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