Jill Anderson

My art began with a digital photograph of a tiny area of these hidden worlds. I select areas of the photo to be enlarged and then treated in some way: twisted, warped, distorted. Each piece of information is stored in an editing program. One finished piece of art requires hundreds of pieces of digital information.

These pieces of information might then be treated in several hundred more ways. A pink speckled area of petrified wood (joined with numerous other elements) has become the soft area around an elk’s eye; dark lines of an agate lamp once became the wing of an eagle. Fractals, too, find a limited role in some of my work.

This process creates a mindboggling amount of digital information. It needs to be tamed. Re-imagined. With care and patience, each piece of information is gathered, organized, stacked and merged until all the elements, now representing 200-500 and more steps, are slowly coaxed into their final piece of art. Typically, each finished image is created exclusively from one slice of rock, gem or mineral.

My art is described as Digital Painting.

P.S. Jill is also a talented author who recently published ‘Running from MolokaI’.

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