Chris Lowry

With his career in glass beginning as early as age seven, Chris Lowry Has spent most of his life improving his art.

Growing up in his father’s glass shop on the Northern Oregon coast, Chris became serious about his art at age 18 when he moved to Oahu. Working as an assistant teacher to glassblower Hugh Jenkins at Punahou School, Chris found himself with the freedom to explore the different possibilities glass had to offer. Feeling more like a student himself, Chris credits Hugh as being his first real teacher. “Hugh taught me that fundamentals are essential in every art form and if you don’t have those fundamentals you limit your capabilities.”

With the skills learned on Oahu, Chris’ move to Maui and a job with Bill and Sally Worcester at Hot Island Glass taught him the importance of developing a sense of marketability. A desire to blend this sense with his own personal creativity took Chris to Alfred University in upstate New York. Earning a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts with emphasis on blown glass and steel sculpture. Chris’ natural talents were confirmed as he took top awards upon graduation.

Throughout his career, Chris has made it a point to learn from other experienced glassblowers. Studying under master Pino Signoretto at Pilchuck Glass School and numerous teachers at Penland School of Arts and Crafts has helped open new avenues for Chris to explore.

Today, Chris Lowry is back at the Hot Island Glass Studio and Gallery on Maui.

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