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Moblie ~ Alex Linke

Alex Linke, creator of ‘Salt Traffic’ mobile, was born on a farm in Bavaria, Germany, near the end of World War II. When he was eight years old, he found a shard of pottery near the site of an old Roman wall in his father’s field, a discovery that launched a life-long passion for collecting ancient ornaments, coins, beads, and artifacts. The ‘Salt Traffic’ mobile is a celebration of ocean life. Whales, sharks and dolphins swim and spin below the ocean’s surface. On top are sailing and cruise ships; cargo and fishing vessels; tugboats; barges and an old steam-powered paddle wheeler. A Coast Guard helicopter surveys the sea below and a lighthouse stands ready to aid ships in distress. A lone submarine plumbs the ocean depths below. The mobile’s structure consists of a bronze platform that serves as the ocean’s surface. The finest-quality stained glass is used to shape the mobile’s vessels and marine life. Small pieces of amber and fossil ivory are also employed. In a slight breeze, the mobile’s perfectly balanced components will turn slowly. Three available sizes Small: 18″ x 14″ x 22″, Medium: 25″ x 16″ x 24″, Large: 30″ x 22″ x 28.

One in the Same ~ 40 x 18 x 6 ~ Totem Shriver ~ #115

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2 thoughts on “Alex Linke

    1. Freed Gallery Post author

      Hello Laura,
      Thank you for you interest in the stunning Alex Linke mobile. As of today, we have one in the gallery.
      Unfortunately we do not anticipate receiving more of his work in the near future. Please let us know
      how we may further assist you.

      Kind regards,


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